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Your Puppy Will Thank You For This

On demand training, expert advice, and a vibrant community of puppy parents

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Pet Parents Love Biscuit

Say goodbye to the days of googling every little question you have about your puppy and hello to the coolest pet parent community on the block! With membership, you'll have a VIP pass to the who's who of the pet world - professional trainers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and even canine fitness experts. It's like having your own personal dream time of pet experts at your fingertips! And if you're feeling a little lonely on your pet parenting journey, don't worry, because with this community you can connect with other members on and offline.


Watch on demand classes 

Ask trainers questions during office hours

Join veterinarian Q&A sessions

Attend live expert sessions 

Discover puppy approved activities

Follow an 8-week puppy training plan



Set up in-person puppy playdates 

Post questions to our forum 

Share pictures and videos

Join a supportive community 

Start conversations with community members

Discover fun and engaging activities to keep your pup happy and occupied

Share your favorite puppy moments by posting pictures and videos of your pup

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Build lasting connections with other pet parents by scheduling in-person playdates

Join our live puppy preparation session 

Participate in trainer office hours, vet Q&A's, live expert sessions, and a customized 8-week training plan for optimal pet parent sucess

Access expert led on demand courses covering a wide range of topics for pet parents

Upcoming Live Expert Sessions


Biscuit On the Go

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