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We just got a puppy and...

we have no clue what we’re doing

Training Made Easy. The Biscuit Way.

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Proven Approach

That Just Works

Sit, stay, roll over… that’s the easy stuff. We teach the important life skills - like being able to leave a puppy at home without having them bark incessantly - so that you can have a healthy relationship with your puppy for years to come.

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Convenience without Compromise

Biscuit was designed for the digital age, delivering personalized 1:1 expert guidance and coaching that fits into your schedule at a lower cost than traditional in-person training.

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Dog breed experts. Black belt martial artists. K9 search & rescue trainers. Aspiring Olympians. Grizzly bear trackers. Our trainers are more than dog experts, they’re world class coaches who bring the best out of you and your puppy.

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“The Puppy Playbook was a lifesaver!


It explained exactly what to do and when to do it and shed light on so many things I would have never considered. It's honestly a must have for any first-time dog owners.”

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Three French Bullgod Puppies

A better way to train.

Biscuit vs. DIY


Puppy ownership is stressful enough without the burden of having to figure everything out for yourself and constantly wondering ‘am I doing this right?’ Worse, if you aren’t doing it right you won’t know until a much more serious behavioral issue develops. We take the guesswork out of training and give you the confidence you need to succeed. Our experts are always available to answer any questions or challenges you run into.

Biscuit vs. Traditional Group Classes

Group classes are rigid, impersonal, and filled with distractions that make it challenging for even the most diligent puppy to learn. Our curriculum is structured around how your puppy wants to learn, and then tailored to their unique behavioral needs. Many of our clients who started with group classes are amazed to see how effortlessly the results come once their pup follows a program designed around how puppies learn.

Biscuit vs. In-Home Training

We believe that having a well-behaved puppy should be both affordable and accessible. Our digital-first business is built to give puppy owners all of the benefits of working 1:1 with a puppy trainer, without the inconvenience, high prices, and time commitments of scheduled house calls. We’ll be at your house (virtually) the minute you need us, and gone the minute you don’t!