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Three French Bullgod Puppies
  • How can I let pet parents know about the community and free month of upgraded full community access?
    Highlight the puppy training community in an email to your pet parents. Include the community info graphic below In the body of your email advise pet parents to go to to a receive a month of free access to professional trainers, veterinarians, canine nutritionists and animal behaviorists Include your unique coupon code
  • How does the puppy training community work?
    The puppy training community is free to join. Anyone who joins becomes a member of the community and has free access to live puppy prep sessions, the puppy playdate finder and the enrichment activities forum. For $29/month pet parents can choose to upgrade their community membership to include: Trainer office hours Live expert sessions Live veterinarian Q&A On demand courses 8-week puppy training ebook
  • Can I include a free month of upgraded full community access for all my litters going home this year?
    Your next litter is on us, but if you’re interested in offering a free month of full community access for all of your litters we can provide you with wholesale rates. Contact Joanna @ for more details.
  • What makes your training program different from others in the market?
    Traditional puppy training programs are expensive and don’t address all of the questions pet parents have. Biscuit gives pet parents affordable access to trainers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, canine nutritionists and other pet professionals. This comprehensive approach to puppy training allows pet parents to access all the experts and information they need under one roof. We are also the first online puppy training program that gives pet parents the ability to meet up offline. Community members can use the member directory to search for pet parents in their area and set up puppy play dates via direct messaging!
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