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Breeder Support Program

Free month of puppy training, an exclusive introductory offer for our breeder partners.

Minimize the amount of phone calls and questions you receive, while ensuring your pet parents have professional support. Send your next litter home with a free month of training and full community access. We'll send you a unique coupon code that you can send home with your next litter of puppies. 

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On Demand Courses

Our core on demand courses are taught by a diverse range of industry experts.


Live Expert Sessions

Community members can attend live exert sessions taught by trainers, veterinarians, canine nutritions, animal behaviorists and more!


In-Person Puppy Playdates

Pet parents can arrange in-person puppy playdates with other Biscuit community members in there area.


Weekly Trainers Office Hours

Trainers will be available during weekly office hours to answer pet parent questions.


Live Puppy Prep Session

Pet parents can get prepared for their pup and hit the ground running by attending our live puppy prep session.


The Puppy Playbook Ebook

The Puppy Playbook: Simple Daily Strategies for Raising a Well Behaved Puppy, our acclaimed puppy training book, along with additional guides and resources will be available to community members.

Our Community Includes

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Thanks for joining our Breeder Support Program! We'll be in touch shortly.


Let's Work Together

Giving pet parents affordable access to trainers, veterinarians, canine nutritionists, animal behaviorists and a supportive pet parent community, so they know how to raise well-behaved, happy, healthy puppies

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