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Become a Biscuit Training Partner and set up an exclusive group training program just for your litters! 

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Earn Money

You'll get paid for every referral that signs up! We’ll track of who registers, and send you a check once they enroll.

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Gain Peace of Mind 

Rest easy knowing your puppies will make a smooth transition to their new homes and their owners will be well prepared for the realities of puppy parenthood.

Save Time 

New puppy owners have plenty of questions that take valuable time out of your day. Our programs provide the continuous support puppy parents need; leave the aftercare to us so you can focus on growing your business!

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No Obligation  

  • Want to try out the littermates program on a trial basis for one litter? No problem! There is no commitment required. 

  • Interested in auditing the classes so you can see for yourself why puppy parents love our program? More than happy to have you!

  • Want to speak with a reference? We'd be happy to put you in touch!

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Getting Started is Easy

It takes 10 minutes! Fill out the form to the right. As soon as we receive it we'll get to work: customizing your littermates landing page and getting tentative class dates on our calendar. In 1-3 business days we'll email you a link to your landing page and what to expect next!

Can't remember what's included included in the Littermates program? Take a look at a sample Littermates page!

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