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The Puppy Playbook

The Puppy Playbook

About the Book

Make a smooth transition to puppy parenthood  with a simple, stress-free approach to puppy training that consistently delivers great results.


This is not your typical dog training book. The Puppy Playbook is designed as a step-by-step weekly guide to help new puppy owners get training right, the first time.


The expertly curated curriculum takes the same winning formula Biscuit Training has used to help countless puppy parents around the world train their new puppies. The book is broken down into short, bite-sized, lesson plans that easily fit into your busy lifestyle, without sacrificing your puppy’s development and training needs.


You’ll find clear learning objectives, visual progress trackers, and achievement milestones, along with ample space to document your progress and record your puppy’s most memorable moments.

  • Key development areas include:

    • Housetraining

    • Crate Training

    • Socialization

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Stay

    • Leave It

    • Drop It

    • Touch

    • Come 

  • Learn simple ways to prevent most common issues:

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Demand Barking

    • Puppy Biting

    • Jumping Up

    • Leash Pulling

    • Chewing

    • Resource Guarding

    The Puppy Playbook provides the foundation your puppy needs to grow into the cute, cuddly, amazingly well behaved companion they were always meant to be.

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