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How it Works

How does the puppy training community work? The puppy training community is free to join. Anyone who joins becomes a member of the community and has free access to live puppy prep sessions, the puppy playdate finder and the enrichment activities forum. For $29/month pet parents can choose to upgrade their community membership to include: -Trainer office hours -Live expert sessions -Live veterinarian Q&A -On demand courses -8-week puppy training ebook

How can I let adopters know about the community and free month of upgraded full community access? Adoption coordinators can let adopters know they have access to a month of free professional training support when they pick up their puppy/dog. If you want flyers and/or jpegs for emails contact Joanna at

Can I join the community? That would be great! The community is free to join and we'd love to have you.

Can the monthly subscription be cancelled? Yes! Subscribers can cancel their subscription at anytime. They simply have to login to the community and cancel prior to the first day of the month following the end of their then-current subscription period. Should a subscriber cancel before the end of their current subscription month they will retain full community access until the end of that month. Subscriptions will continue until a subscriber cancels. Once a subscriber cancels their membership will be downgraded to the free membership.

What does the free community membership include? The community is free for anyone to join. The free membership includes: -Puppy playdate finder -Enrichment Forum: Activity suggestions to keep puppies/dogs entertained

What does the upgraded community membership include? How much does it cost? Community members can upgrade their membership if $29/month. An upgraded membership includes: -Everything in the free membership -Live puppy prep sessions -Trainer office hours -Live expert sessions -Live vet Q&A -On demand courses -8-week puppy training ebook

What makes your training program different from others in the market? Traditional puppy training programs are expensive and don’t address all of the questions pet parents have. Biscuit gives pet parents affordable access to trainers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, canine nutritionists and other pet professionals. This comprehensive approach to puppy training allows pet parents to access all the experts and information they need under one roof. We are also the first online puppy training program that gives pet parents the ability to meet up offline. Community members can use the member directory to search for pet parents in their area and set up puppy playdates via direct messaging!

Who are your experts? Trainer office hours are hosted by certified trainers. Live expert sessions are hosted by veterinarians, canine nutritionists, animal behaviorists and canine fitness experts. Presenter bios are posted in the description of the live expert sessions

Who Can Join?

Who is the community for? The community is free and available for anyone to join. The majority of the services and content in the community is geared towards pet parents that have puppies or adolescent dogs. However, pet parents with older dogs may still benefit from: -Enrichment activity forum -Playdate finder -On demand courses -Live expert sessions -Vet Q&A

Is the community for dogs with serious behavioral issues? Yes and no. Pet parents with dogs that have established behavioral issues like aggression, known bite history, separation anxiety etc. are best supported by specialists in a private and in-person setting. With that said, those pet parents can still join the community and benefit from: -Community support -Enrichment activities -Live expert sessions -On demand courses -Vet Q&A

Promotion Materials

Do you have anything I can hand out to my adopters? Yes! Contact Joanna at to request printable materials

Promote the community on Facebook by clicking the "Read more" link below -Click here to post the community in your Facebook newsfeed

Can I link to your community from my website? Yes! The link is We recommend linking to the community under "RESOURCES"

Can I refer other shelters and rescues to the rescue support program? Absolutely! All registered shelters and rescues are eligible for the rescue support program. They can submit a form at or contact Joanna directly at

Additional Perks

Do you offer any additional donations beside the free month of community access? At this time we are only offering a free month of full community access to your adopters.

Can I request a topic for a live expert session? Yes! Email Joanna at and let her know what topics you’d like to see discussed in one of our live expert sessions.

Can I request a private live expert session available only to my adoption community? For an additional fee, live expert sessions can be organized just for your adoption community. Intro to Nosework, Allergies, Dog Photograph the possibilities are endless! Email Joanna at if you are interested.

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