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Retail Benefits

Decrease Labor Costs

Free up employees time by referring post puppy care questions to professional trainers

Increase Average Transaction Value

Customers come prepared to pick up their puppy with trainer approved shopping lists 

Increase Conversion Rates

Stand out from competitors by offering immediate access to professional training support and a superior post puppy purchase experience

Improve Customer Retention

Customers return to pick up recommended products and engage throughout the year with your branded content

Your Customers Experience When You Partner with Biscuit

Customer Places Deposit

After checkout a link to join the puppy training community is automatically sent out. Customers can start attending live puppy prep sessions and access a trainer approved shopping list. 

Ongoing Brand Engagement

Customers engage with your brand on an ongoing basis through exclusive branded content

Puppy Pick Up Day

Customers arrive to pick up their puppy with a shopping list in hand and fewer post puppy care questions. 

Additional Purchases

Customers return to purchase products recommended in live expert sessions, trainer office hours, on demand courses

Post Purchase Troubleshooting

Customers can point their questions towards certified trainers, veterinarians and other pet professionals. Receiving the help they need to smoothly transition to pet parenthood and greatly improving their post purchase customer experience


Can I offer my customers exclusive content? Yes! For an additional fee, exclusive live expert sessions and/or veterinarian Q&A sessions can be arranged for your customers. This is a great way to engage your customers on an ongoing basis

Can I market new products and offer exclusive discounts to my customers on your platform? A private space can be set up where discount codes and exclusive offers can only be accessed by your customers. This is a great way to increase sales throughout the course of the year.

Can you help me create a “memorable moment” for my customers? Absolutely! Whether it’s handing your customers a copy of The Puppy Playbook as a gift when they pick up their puppy or offering them exclusive content like live online Doga classes there are lots of ways we can help you create memorable experiences for your customers and get them talking!

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